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Judith H. Dern

Culinary Wordsmith 






Judith H. Dern, Culinary Wordsmith

A published author with numerous cookbooks, national and regional magazine articles to her credit, Judith has pursued word wizardry and all things edible throughout her career, the outcome of cooking and collecting cookbooks since she was a teenager.


Her newest book is titled The Food & Drink of Seattle: From Wild Salmon to Craft Beer (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2018), an in-depth exploration of Seattle’s vibrant and delicious culinary history spanning the Puget Sound’s geological origins through its Native American, early settlers, and immigrant influences to Pike Place Market and today’s restaurateurs and contemporary food scene....


NEW! The Food and Drink of Seattle: From Wild Salmon to Craft Beer

Exploring Seattle's food history reveals a culinary legacy both distinctive and bountiful. Created by geology and geography, the region's food traditions include numerous indigenous edibles ranging from wild salmon to foraged mushrooms.  In Judith's newest book, The Food and Drink of Seattle: From Wild Salmon to Craft Beer (Rowman Littlefield), discovering how Native Americans, settlers, immigrants, and modern residents from restaurateurs to home cooks interpret and prepare regional foods, adding their own ethnic and modern twists over the decades, while honoroing tradition is a fascinating and delicious journey. 

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